Bit of a bold statement isn’t it….. but it true……

For many years women have been told that weight training will make them big and bulky, and that they should stay away from lifting weights….. to overcome this I together a short blog for you to explain why women should be lifting weights, why its important, what will happen and how they can help get you amazing results

Below I’m going to outline five reasons why it’s important to get underneath the bar and lift some weights if you’re looking to get the best results you can to help change your body shape drop some serious body fat and get yourself back in shape

1. lean muscle is more metabolic -

Or in layman’s terms the more muscle you have or lean muscle on the body the higher your metabolism will be throughout the day. So why is this important, the whole basis of weight loss or fat loss is the whole energy balance equation, or for the average Joe it basically means that you need to be in a calorie deficit in order to change body shape. The more muscle you have on your body the more calories you burn throughout the day even when doing nothing , which means you will be more inclined to be in a calorie deficit which means you will get your results quicker.

2. Weight training is a must if you want to tone –

A lot of women attend the gym or fitness classes are looking to tone their whole body, they are not happy with areas being loose or saggy or not as tight as they used to be. Weight training or lifting weights can help over this problem big time…. WHY?? Well as I mentioned above about lean muscles mass, the more LEAN muscle mass you have on your body the more toned you will be, this means toned arms, toned legs and toned stomach….

3. Weight training will empower you –

How many times have you got off the treadmill, bike and cross trainer and thought… god it could take on the world…. Not once I would say….. how ever when you lift heavy weights or crush a weight lifting routine… you feel strong, confident and ready to take on the world lol…

4. Shift the focus of scales weight to body composition –

One of the biggest problem we see with the ladies at the facility is the constant drive to see the scales move down…. They let a number of the scales dictate how there day is going to go….. with weight training we change this focus for the girls and get them concentrating on body composition or body fat, this is basically how much fat you lose….

But why do we do this…… because the number on the scales is not that important… where as body composition or body fat is very important, take a look at this image below….

As you can see her body shape is completely different, but her weight is roughly the same…. This is why weights are important, they will completely change your body shape, get you into smaller clothes, get you more toned, and just get you feeling great about your self again…..

5. You will just look awesome simple as that -

Want a nice bum….. lift

Want a nice back….. lift

Want toned arms…… lift

Want a flat, lean stomach….. lift

The best bodies of the worlds come from women who lift weights…. They understand that in order to get that toned, athletic, and confident look they need to lift weights…. Have a look at some of our clients results….. all these girls lifted weights and got amazing results

Mick O (RRT)
Mick O (RRT)
I help men and women in Wexford lose weight, get toned and get back in shape with my semi-private personal training program. With all my programs being based on nutrition, training, mindset and accountability you can be sure you will not only get amazing results but learn how to keep them.

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