With the summer just about apon us, its time to strip down to our shorts and t-shirt and hit the beach...... and as the clothes come off so does the thought of how your body looks..... so I want to help

Todays blog is all about 3 of the best leg / butt exercises to do, to ensure you have nice lean and toned legs already for the summer :)


This is a must for any women who is looking to get leaner and more toned legs, the squat is one of those exercises that people avoid because its hard work.... but no only does it help get your legs in great shape, its also has some other awesome benefits.... its help shape and tone your butt, stomach, back and arms....... it is also awesome at burning calories, because the more body parts you move with an exercise the more energy you burn.....


The lunge is another must for lean and toned legs, and its also another one of the super exercise for burning calories, it helps tone and tighten the lower legs or calfs (important muscle to have nice legs in high heels) the top of the legs / thighs and again the butt..... it can also help the stomach muscles if doing an off set lunge. So you can see its awesome and can also be done in a load of different ways


My favourite exercise, I love deadlifts only because im good at them lol :)..... this is a must for the butt and upper legs/thighs...... the deadlift is another one of them super exercise that works the whole body, its a bit like the squat from the body parts it works and it also burn massive calories when done correctly. I love teaching my female clients to deadlift, because they get amazing results with it and get to lift some serious weight...... and trust me there is no better feeling when you lift them heavy weights again and again

So you can see these 3 exercise's are awesome to help you get your legs lean and toned this summer, and whats more important........ if you follow these exercises with a specific diet, not only will get awesome legs you will keep them also.....:) If you would like to book a free training session at my studio, to show you how to perform these exercises, or just get some extra help with nutrition or your current training program simple click the link below


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Mick O (RRT)
Mick O (RRT)
I help men and women in Wexford lose weight, get toned and get back in shape with my semi-private personal training program. With all my programs being based on nutrition, training, mindset and accountability you can be sure you will not only get amazing results but learn how to keep them.

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